Missing Annie – 4 Years Without Justice

FOUR YEARS OF PAIN – November 2, 2008  – NOVEMBER 2, 2012


Dear Annie,

Today is the 4th Anniversary of your death.  I miss your HUMBLE, GENTLE SOUL, I miss your UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, I miss your BEAUTIFUL SMILE, I miss the WEIGHT OF YOUR BODY leaning against mine for a FULL- BLOWN HUG, I miss your HEART that was always full of LOVE for your FAMILY and OTHERS, I miss your generosity to GIVE of YOURSELF without wanting anything in return, I miss your DAILY PHONE CALL after your last class saying, “HEY THIS IS ANNIE, I’m on my way home,” I miss are DAILY CHATS, I miss you  DRAWING AT THE KITCHEN TABLE,  while I was cooking dinner.

Annie’s drawing of our family Beagle

My HEART HURTS Annie and is in pain every day because I cannot get justice for you.  The deepest part of my soul hurts.  The gut of a mother knows her children.  I know you.   I know you deserve the TRUTH.  I know you deserve JUSTICE.  I know you deserve to have been buried with your ORGANS.  I know you deserve ANSWERS.  I know you ARE A VICTIM.  I know you deserve to have your murder INVESTIGATED.

Annie, you have always helped others.  I hope this blog will not only serve to get you the answers you deserve, but will help other victims of crime that do not have a voice.

Annie, I Love you so much.  Love Mom